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Nostalgic Magnifying Glass Loupe Necklace

Nostalgic Magnifying Glass Loupe Necklace

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This necklace can help you read small labels or menus in restaurants. A beautiful necklace with a purpose. 🔎

🔎 Necklace with magnifying glass 😊
🎁 The perfect gift for those with vision problems.
✅ 10x the size of everything you see!
✅ Perfect replacement for glasses when you're on the go!
✅ Read small texts on menus and labels!

The magnifying glass has a ten times greater magnification! Don't strain your eyes by reading small print with this magnifying glass; magnification provides exceptionally clear images without any distortion.

For shopping trips, you can put the magnifying glass necklace around your neck, so you don't have to take out your glasses to see the little price tags.

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“I don't really need glasses unless I'm trying to read very fine print or in a dim restaurant. I thought, How handy is this?! It looks like a piece of pretty, antique jewellery. Also, the chain is beautiful! I can use it for some other pendants I have! <3"

Janice H. - Verified Buyer

  • Read Small Text With Ease.

    Read small text, labels, restaurant menus and books with ease.

    Tenfold magniciation so you don't stain your eyes.

    It is both a reading glass and a necklace, so others don't need to know when you need some assistance.

    Carefully crafted & personalised with love.

    Material: Glass

    Pendant Size: 8.5*4.5cm

    Chain Length: 80cm
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